About Us


At American Antibiotics, we live by certain core values that define who we are and represent what we stand for.

Speed & Simplicity

At American Antibiotics, speed and simplicity are ingrained in our work environment and are vital to our business. We anticipate market opportunities, and implement simple, efficient work and reporting processes that enable fast decision making. Similarly, while we take on complex therapeutic challenges, our answers are simple – easy to use and patient-friendly. In essence, we strive to be lean and agile in all we do.

Customer Focus & Quality

Our customers are our primary focus and addressing their needs is our main priority. We believe it is important to always look ahead and anticipate their evolving needs, thinking of innovative ways to provide new healthcare solutions. We strive to exceed customer and patient expectations, while ensuring the delivery of high-quality products and services.

Trust & Respect

At American Antibiotics, we make every effort to create an environment of openness, transparency and trust. We also empower our employees to take responsible risks to help us live up to our promises and achieve our goals for better patient outcomes.

Leadership & Performance

American Antibiotics aspires to be the best and strives to consistently deliver strong results, enabling us to continually invest in the future. We challenge ourselves on a daily basis to provide the best products, continuously seeking to exceed expectations, while remaining accountable for everything we do. Taking the lead and outperforming our competitors ensures success in all we pursue.


American Antibiotics
Our Facilities

American Antibiotics conducts commercial manufacturing, packaging and analytical operations in-house at our FDA inspected and approved 65,000-square-foot facility in Baltimore,MD. Facility is spread over approximately 4.5 acres dedicated to the manufacturing of solid dosage beta-lactam antibiotics and sterile powder and injectible dosage beta-lactam antibiotics for human and animals.